MusicWorks 4

MusicWorks is a music scoring, recording and editing program for Windows.

It can record from and playback to MIDI devices and produce beautiful music notation that can be edited, annotated, rearranged, played and printed.

You can unleash your creative flair, creating compositions using simple drag and drop editing or import standard MIDI format files, and with the tools provided, produce fully annotated scores for a single voice up to an entire orchestra.



Here's a list of some of the key features of MusicWorks. Take a look at the features page for a more comprehensive summary.

Easy music creation and editing
Multi-part compositions
Full colour printing
MIDI playback and recording
Automated notation tools
Transposing and quantising
Text and lyrics

Try the beta version

Like to take a sneak peek at the beta version of MusicWorks 4? It's now available for download but remember that this is a pre-release version of MusicWorks and as such, it hasn't had its final polish (so don't use it for anything too critical).

Please help us to improve MusicWorks by reporting any bugs or even just providing your feedback to:

Become a beta tester

We're keen to keep in touch with anyone interested in becoming a beta tester for MusicWorks. If you'd like to be a beta tester, please send us an email at: